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A perfect style always starts with a great foundation!  Using rollers as a step in straightening your hair means your strands spend less time in contact with direct heat, which is the most damaging form of heat for your hair. The rollers stretch your hair out and smooth it out, as you dry under the hooded dryer. Roller setting can also help to preserve moisture and is less damaging. Going from wet hair to blowing drying is a huge no-no, that will cause extreme damages to your tresses. The benefits of roller setting as opposed to using direct heat reduces the risk of heat damage.


Our CEO Tasha has been using rollers in her regimen for years. She emphasizes on using rollers, because it is so beneficial to your hair. Since the birth of the flat iron we have become so obsessed with using it. The flat iron causes the most damage to your hair. Her hair regimen is simple, she sets her hair, sits under the dryer, and then does the doobie. Using a combination of these methods will make your wash, set and blow, last longer. She is not a fan of using a blower or flat iron all the time. Over usage of the blower, curling or flat irons will damage your hair to the extreme. Your hair needs breaks from time to time. Hot tools can cause breakage, brittleness, dryness and so much more.


Roller setting is also a great method for hair retention and keeping your hair healthy.  Make sure you are treating your hair to hot oils and deep conditioning treatments. It's important to nourish and replenish what your hair needs. Weekly or bi-weekly treatments are a must preferably with a hair steamer. With roller sets you can cut out even more work out of your hair regimen, because once your hair is dry it is also styled. You can strut your curls, or simply put your hair in the doobie for a straighter look. Adding a roller set to your regimen can help your style last for 1-2 weeks. 


Try to avoid common mistakes when roller setting your hair. The key to a perfect roller set, is making sure your hair is wet and that you apply tension. Make sure to have a rat tail comb and a water spray bottle. As you are doing your roller set, your hair can get dry and you may need to re-wet. There are various choices of rollers depending on the length of your hair. When done right, roller setting is tension based that takes advantage of your hair's flexibility when wet, allowing the roller set to mould your hair. You can choose to sit under a hooded dryer or air dry. 


Hair Roller Setting Tips:

  • There are 3 types of roller sets, basic, spiral and brick.
  • Your results will be based on how you apply the rollers in your hair.
  • The smaller the roller the more volume it gives, the bigger the roller the faster your hair dries.
  • Have a spray bottle it comes in handy, hair may get dry and needs to be re-wet.
  • If you are doing a wash, set and blow after your roller set, very little product is needed when roller setting because the hair can get weighed down easily. (Unless you have extremely dry hair and need the moisture)
  • Place the roller in the area, measure, and make sure to make clean and straight lines. 
  • It's key to taut the hair, apply tension and make sure hair is smooth, no bumps.
  • Hair should be smooth and tight on the roller.
  • Always let your hair dry completely before taking the rollers out. This can make or break your results.
  • Patience and time is key with roller setting! It takes lots and lots of practice and time. Mastering your roller sets is a learning curve, but once accomplished that task, you will not only save money but time as well.
  • Remember everyone learns at their own pace. Our CEO Tasha started at 11 years old, she went from 3 hours to 10 to 15 minutes. It took her time, but she accomplished her goal. We all start from the bottom and work our way up. Good luck!


We have add the link to our CEO Tasha's weekly regimen.

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