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The Doobie, also known as the Wrap, is one of the main protective techniques for maintaining straight hair. Depending where you are from the Doobie has different names, such as the beehive, tubi or wrap. Your hair is stretched and wrapped around your head like a giant roller, secure with or without bobbie pins, it keeps your straight look intact for 1-2 weeks. We also have our fitted hair nets online. Fitted hair nets can be used with or without bobbie pins. A Doobie means you don't have to overexpose your hair to the pressures of heat by getting touchups during the week to lengthen how long your straight look sticks around. 


After your hair is washed, deep conditioned, roller set and/or blown out, the Doobie is the final step which needs to be in place to ensure the signature silky, shine, softness and flow. The Doobie helps your hair to fall correctly, gives it body, shape and lots of movement. Its stretching action also works as a straightener, particularly if you leave your hair in a wrap overnight. Doing the Doobie at bedtime helps flatten, smoothes, tames flyaways, extends the life of your silk press or straight hair. 


A doobie at night saves so much time and worry. Your straightened hair is instantly styled every morning when you wake up. You're free, just let down the Doobie and go! The nightly technique of the doobie saves money and time. The Doobie is a tradition for our CEO Tasha she has been practicing this method for years. She washes, deep conditions, sets her her in rollers, drys her hair and does the doobie. She isn't big on blow drying or flat ironing, heat tools can cause so much damage to your hair, she prefers the old fashion methods. 


Back in the days it was considered a huge NO-NO to leave your house with a Doobie on. Well times have changed for sure! They have even invented a Doobie hat, we have them on our website we call it Fitted Hair Nets. The Fitted Hair Nets come in all shapes, sizes and colors according to your hair needs. Now at days, women walk freely with their doobies and love it. After getting their hair done straight or a silk press their stylist may ask do you want to wrap your hair. Although Doobies are an old tradition, they are still highly used and recommended today.  


Doobie Tips:

  1. Do not over brush.
  2. Don't use too many bobbie pins.
  3. Make sure your brush is smooth.
  4. Don't do the doobie too tight it can thin out and cause weak edges.
  5. Use the straight bobbie pins not the small ones with the waves those will leave marks instantly.
  6. Try not to sweat while your hair is in a doobie it will ruin your style.
  7. Don't overly use doobies, when it's getting close to wash day you can place your hair in a high bun.
  8. Use a scarf, bonnet or fitted hair net at bed time every night.
  9. Apply tension and make sure hair is flat, if your hair isn't flatten it will make waves and damage your straight pattern. 

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