How to Keep your Hair & Scalp Healthy for the Winter

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During the winter months, the temperature outside and inside differ this will take a toll on your scalp and hair. I know first hand my scalp gets irritated and gets seasonal dandruff. For the winter months, it's so important not to bath/shower with hot water. Hot water is neither good for your skin or hair. Hot water dehydrates your skin and hair. Hot water tends to strip moisture from your hair, and your hair needs all the moisture it can get during the winter. It leaves your hair shaft open and can dry out your scalp. We all know first hand how brutal the winter weather can be, not only to your skin but your hair as well. I will be giving you some tips on how to protect and keep your scalp and hair healthy.

Summer and Winter Weather:

The difference between summer and winter weather. During the summer, sun damage is also harmful to your hair because it causes the melanin in your hair to change. The UV rays penetrate the hair shaft and can alter the color of your hair. Winter weather can be especially brutal on hair because of the cold factor. The constant shift between warm temperatures (being inside), and cold weather (going outside), can cause the cuticle layer of the hair to lift and moisture to leave the hair, making it dry and frizzy. This can lead to dullness, breakage, split ends and staticky locks.


You should minimize your shampooing to at least once a week. Cut back to washing your hair 2-3 times a week, and your hair should be able to retain the extra moisture! Excessive shampooing can dry out and irritate your scalp. You can also take out all the good nutrients, minerals and vitamins need for the cold. There are a lot of people who think the winter isn't as bad as the summer, but they are wrong. Living in harsh winter climates can be extremely damaging to hair. 

Your Scalp:

In the winter season, your scalp will be drier and that can lead to dandruff and scalp irritation, which in the worst-case scenario can lead to hair fall. We all have hectic schedules, but it's extremely important that we do oil treatments to our scalp. It’s really important to keep your scalp moisturized! Our Scalp & Dandruff duo  is amazing to beed to your hair regimen. 

Treating your Hair:

Deep Conditioning is a must! During winter we recommend for you to use a deep conditioner plus a leave in treatment, especially for those who are living in harsh winter climates. In the winter our hair needs all the hydration and moisture it can get. Using a hair steamer with your hot oil and deep conditioner is a bonus. You can treat under the steamer for 10-15 minutes each. Not only will this help soften frizzy and brittle hair, but it will also create stronger, shinier hair.

Hot Tools:

You should stay away of excessive usage of heat tools. Using blow dryers, curling or flat irons consistently, will dry out and fry your during this weather. Try air drying your hair. If you must use hoot tool, make sure to use a heat protectant our Wonder Mist is great. 

Trim you ends:

Wind can cause split ends, along with dry, brittle hair. Getting a trim when needed, during the winter months will help keep hair healthy and strong, and reduce the chances of getting split ends.


  1. Use a hat or scarf at all times
  2. Use a Hair Steamer  
  3. Our Scalp Beverage is amazing
  4. Treat you hair with oils = Hot oil , Dandruff oil 
  5. Deep Condition = Deep Conditioner, Moisturizing Deep Conditioner
  6. Leave-in Treatments = Leave-in Treatment, Hydrating Leave-in Treatment
  7. Use a finishing cream or oil when needed = Finishing Serum




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