How to Repair Chemically Damaged Hair

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We all know the damages that chemicals can do to your hair. Although we know guess what, we still love it. I have heard many myths where many say just stay away from chemicals period. Truthfully your hair can be virgin and have more damage than someone who has processed hair. Well we are hear to tell you our CEO Tasha begs to differ. LOL Yes you read right! This is why she swears by her hair regimen using our products of course. Chemicals can be bad if you are not practicing a good and healthy regimen. 

Our CEO does not only have long hair she has bleached blonde hair, that is absolutely healthy. Many people are in-shocked at how her bleached hair is so healthy. If you want to learn her secrets just keep reading. Chemicals are used in dyes, perms, in relaxing and bleaching products. If you love changing your and color chemical treatments are popular with women who use them.

Chemical side effects will eventually catch up with your hair, which can be burned, dry, brittle and rough. Using heat tools consistently will add even more damage to your hair as well. What a lot of people do not know is, certain products that read repair can have chemicals that can be too harsh.  Your hair is already in a fragile state, so using a strong concentrated product will definitely break your hair off. 

It doesn't matter if you perm, relax, color or use a smoothing system (Keratin), chemicals are harsh to your hair. Taking proper care of your chemically treated hair is a MUST! You don't have to stop using chemicals just learn what your hair needs.

Our CEO's Story:

Our CEO Tasha learned so much about her hair throughout the years. She was constantly changing her color and bleaching. On top of the chemical processes she was obsessed with blowing out her hair and using the flat iron after. The state of her hair was horrible! It become gummy and when pulled it stretched like a rubber band. Her ends became so bad, her stylist could not cut her ends. She want from back length to chin length, in a matter of weeks (real tears). 

Note: To avoid chemical damage you can stop using any type of chemical process on your hair.

We will give you some tips on how she went from damaged to healthy. During the time Tasha stayed away from heat tools. She did weekly treatments with hot oils, deep conditioners and once a month did protein treatments. She set her hair in rollers and did the doobie once her hair was dried. Protein treatments are great for restoring your damaged hair. Protein helps temporarily repair damaged areas in hair, by filling in gaps caused by heat or chemical damage on the cuticle. You have to be careful not to over use protein, it will make your hair hard causing it to break. I know your next question LOL so let me answer it smile. We are working on a repair protein mask for our line.


Chemical Process/Touch ups:

  • Use a bond multiplier such as Olapex (ask your stylist) there are more brands.
  • You can also limit the chemicals you use on your hair.
  • Color touch-ups are every 6 weeks wait 10 (I know that's impossible), but it's a must.
  • For any other chemical process just wait a little longer than usual for your touch-up, perms or relaxers.
  • For keratins just wait until your hair is stable and healthy to do it again.
  • If you like changing your hair color constantly STOP!
  • Give your hair a break and nurse it back to Life. 

*When our CEO does color or bleach she adds some oils to the mix. This helps to protect your hair. A few don't over do it. 

Heat Tools:

  • Blowers
  • Flat Irons
  • Curly Irons
  • Avoid them during this time at all cost.


  1. Protein Treatments
  2. Hot Oils
  3. Deep Conditioning 

Note: Make sure your hair is saturated with a lot of deep conditioner. Apply the hot oil treatment all over your hair. Sitting under a hair steamer or heat bonnet is beneficial.  


  • Remember any type of extreme damage can't be undone. 
  • Cut your hair short if it is so damaged that no amount of product seems to help.      
Note: The only time our CEO has cut her hair every 3 months, is when her hair was extremely damaged. She would continue cutting until all the damage was gone, instead of doing the big chop.

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