How to Use and Get the Most Out of Our Deep Conditioners

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Deep conditioning is an essential part of a healthy hair regimen, it doesn't matter what texture hair you have. There are many people who don't use deep conditioner correctly or they just skip it all together. Skipping is a huge no-no! Deep conditioning is very important for your hair health. 


It is always important to read the label and know what you are putting into your hair and how to correctly use it. There are many products that say natural and are not. Make sure you are getting natural oils and not mineral oil. I personally do not like mineral oil as it clogs your hair shaft. Do not be fooled do your research!

Oily Hair:

Apply DC 2-4 inches away from your scalp. Make sure to rinse with an abundant amount of water to get all product out your hair. 

Dry Hair:

Apply DC all around your hair and rinse off. 

My Hair Type

I have a different type of combination of hair sounds weird right LOL. But it's true when my hair is in the curly state I need as much moisture and hydration as possible (literally it's huge). Now when my hair is getting a wash and set I need to rinse out all of the product. I have fine hair and when I wear it straight I need little to no product on it (it's paper thin when stretched). If not my hair would be extremely oily and weighed down. I share this with you because everyone has to learn their hair. It is important to know what works and what doesn't. 

Extremely Dry Hair:

Make sure to saturate your hair with DC. Due to your hair being extremely dry you can rinse out the product but don't over do it. You can leave some product in your hair to retain moisture.


Step 1. 

When choosing your Deep Conditioner make sure you choosing the correct type. What I mean by correct type is your texture and what your needs. For example if you have kinky hair you will look for a brand that specializes in your texture. Also what is it that your hair needs, moisture, hydration, and/or repair, etc. Key when looking for moisturizing make sure to check the ingredients. Coconut oil, olive oil, or avocado are great for penetrating the hair shaft. 

Step 2. 

Focus on your ends, your ends are the oldest part of your hair. They are usually the most dry, and damaged! Natural oils take a while to work down the length of your hair strands. Applying a deep conditioner to your ends will restore oils, preventing breakage and split ends. (Remember nothing cures split ends so when it's time for a trim cut it)

Step 3. 

Key: Apply the deep conditioner and add water that will stretch the product

After applying a deep conditioner, cover your hair with or without a shower cap, it depends on what method of heat you are using. Many use a bonnet hair dryer, conditioning cap or my absolute FAV a hair steamer. If you do not have a heating source, aluminum foil and shower cap will do just fine. Using heat is the best way to deep condition your hair. My personal fav is the hair steamer because you use so little product. While you are getting the moisture heat the product is literally melting in your hair. (Remember using heat is great for opening up the cuticle and it allows the deep conditioner to penetrate your hair). My recommendation is to leave it on your hair for 5 to 20 minutes for less damage. For severely dry and damaged hair 20-40 minutes.  

Note: This is when you would detangle you hair.

Step 4.

Step 4 is very important and essential! Make sure to let your hair cool down if you used heat. When rinsing, rinse out the deep conditioner with cold water, which closes the hair’s cuticle and helps the strands retain moisture.

Step 5.

Most importantly be CONSISTENT! It takes time and patience to get results. Make sure you are treating your hair weekly or bi-weekly. In time you will see and feel your and results. Using our Deep Conditioners they replenish what your hair needs. 

Key: Do not over wash your hair! Wait a few days before shampooing your hair, so that you don't negate the effects of the conditioning treatment by washing it out.

Our Deep Conditioners:

  1. Deep Conditioner
  2. Moisturizing Deep Conditioner


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