Benefits of Trimming your Ends & Tips

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There are many myths about trimming/cutting your ends. Trimming your ends is like letting go of a bad relationship. The reason way I can compare the 2, is because damaged ends will eventually damage your healthy hair. Although your hair grows from the root, your ends should be clipped when needed. Everyone's hair is different. Our CEO Tasha trims her ends 1 to 2 times a year at most and her hair is tailbone length.

There are many people who believe they need to cut their hair every 2-3 months. If your ends are healthy there is no need to cut your hair as often. As we all know everyone's hair growth rate is different. Your hair grows about half an each every month. Trimming your hair constantly when it's not needed just prolongs your growth transition. Your trimming healthy hair!

Hair Style or Pattern:

Certain hair cuts require you to trim or cut your hair more often, in order to keep up with the style. There is also a special way to get your curly hair cut as well. A Curl Specialist is usually the stylist you may go to to cut your curly tresses. They usually cut your hair based on your curl pattern. Customers who go to these professionals usually are natural and only wear their hair curly. It is rare they get their hair stretched (straightened). 

Split Ends:

Trimming your hair will help get rid of split ends. Our CEO Tasha learned so much about hair when she attended Cosmetology School. One of the lessons she learned was about split ends and it stuck with her. Split ends are your hairs' worst enemy, as they can continue to split and damage your healthy hair. Split ends will travel up the hair shaft and stunt hair growth.

Getting Trims:

Getting a trim will help you retain length due to the reduction in hair breakage and split ends. Damaged ends will make your hair look thinner. Once those ends are gone you will notice your hair is fuller and is not weighed down. Your hair becomes easier to style and manage. Your hair will look thicker and and fuller. Remember holding on to those ends is damaging your healthy hair!

Maintaining Healthy Hair:

Maintaining your hair in good health can help your ends. Make sure to stay away from flat-ironing, curling irons and blow drying your hair often. Using hot tools is the fastest way to burn and damage your hair especially your ends.  Stay away from the dangerous alcohols that dry out your hair, you can find them in hairsprays and gels. 

Signs that you a trim:

  • Dull ends
  • Lifeless ends
  • Visible split ends
  • Dry and brittle ends
  • Your ends appears thin
  • Feathery or tail like ends
  • Ends easily snap and break


  1. Make sure to sleep with a satin pillow case, scarf or bonnet every night.
  2. If you have your hair straight make sure to do the doobie (wrap your hair) at night.
  3. When you leave your hair unprotected while you sleep it causes friction, friction breaks your hair. 



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