The Difference between a Silk Press and Wash & Set

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Recently I have seen so many people ask what is the difference between a Silk Press and Wash & Set. We are here to break the two and explain what is needed and the steps for both. Wash and sets can be done on all hair types, while Silk Press is usually for the kinky texture. Both techniques are amazing!


Silk Press

A Little History

A Silk Press is simply an upgrade from the traditional press and curl tools. Back in the day, you would sit in your kitchen, then they would use a hot comb and grease to stretch (straighten) your hair. After it was straightened rollers would be set to complete the style, the rollers would be worn for a few hours. 

For those of you who don't know the hot comb was placed on a hot stove. At times you would get burned from the hot comb here and there. But it was worth it because your hair was beautiful right after. Our CEO remembers being young, and seeing her friend's mothers do a press and curl on them.

The problem with the traditional press and curl styles were the products used. The style required the use of a ton of grease and various oils which weighed down the strands making the hair appear stiff and greasy. 

A Silk Press can last about 1-2 weeks if taken care of correctly. Try your best to avoid moisture of any kind, such as steam or wetting your hair. Your hair will revert back to its natural pattern. 



The Silk Press is more modern, it requires a few more steps and less product usage. The silk goes perfect, because it leaves you hair shiny and smooth like silk.


  1. The first step, is to shampoo. Choose a clarifying shampoo that cleanses the hair thoroughly, then follow with a moisturizing shampoo. It will give you the perfect foundation for successful results. After you shampoo your hair should be squeaky clean!
  2. The second step, is to make sure to replenish and hydrate your hair. Make sure your hair is hydrated enough to last through process. For best results use a hair steamer, hydrated towel or hooded dryer to deep condition. After you rinse off apply your leave-in treatment. 
  3. Some clients may prefer to use rollers. (optional)
  4. The third step, is to always use a heat protectant as they protect your hair. Our Wonder Mist is great! Blow dry the hair in section until it is very straight. 
  5. The fourth step, usually a light weight serum (Finishing Serum) is applied before flat-ironing. 
  6. The fifth step, wrap (doobie) the hair (without pins), apply saran wrap or a plastic cap. The client sits under the dryer with low heat for about 20 minutes. 
  7. The hair is then combed out and boom you have flawless silky hair. Your hair is light as a feather and has so much body to it.


KEY Remember every stylist is different and may or may not use each and every step. Some may have their own style of doing this. I have researched that a Silk Press can cost about $70 to $80 in my area. 

Wash & Set

A Little History

Living and growing up in New York City, the Dominican salons are famous for wash and sets. The great thing about wash and sets were the sales that came with it. During Monday to Thursday depending on the salon they would give $10 to $15 specials. Those were the days! The salons were always packed during those days, everyone was trying to catch the sales. 

Now Friday, Saturday and even Sundays the salons were insane! You could easily spend your whole day there. Their specialty is using rollers unless the client declines. The process of the wash and set is basic not so much as the Silk Press. Our CEO Grew up in the Dominican salons, it was because of them she decided to learn how to do rollers on herself and others. She has defiantly mastered at it. Now at days, wash and sets are more expensive they can range from $20 to $60, depending on your length and thickness of your hair. 



  1. Wash your hair 
  2. Deep Condition sitting under a hooded dryer (optional) rinse out
  3. Leave-in treatment and/or drops before rollers
  4. Setting rollers
  5. Drying your hair under hooded dryer or hair steamer
  6. Passing the blower on your hair (optional)
  7. Some people may just skipped the blower due to the damage it causes and just do the doobie (wrap).
  8. Flatiron (optional) This tool makes your hair the flattest possible but it can be extremely damaging if used to often or incorrectly. Also some clients may not want bone straight hair, they may prefer volume. 
  9. After the clients get their hair done at the salon, many of them will leave with a doobie (wrap). 

A doobie is a technique our CEO Tasha is famous for as well. Your hair is wrap around your head and secured with with pins. The doobie will extend their blowout. There is also another way the doobie is done using a fitted hair net and no pins. The hair is tight so it secures the doobie.  

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