About Me


As a child, I loved to watch my grandmother brush her hair. As each curl was brushed, I remember the curls bouncing against her cheeks and shoulders.  I remember how shiny and soft her mane was. I remember thinking when I grow up I want hair just like hers.


By eleven years old, unfortunately a beautician had badly damaged my hair which led me on the road to doing my hair myself.  I practiced roller sets and mixing with dyes. I went from amateur novice whom my family had welcomed to practice on their hair to perfecting the doobie. I became a self proclaimed colorist after experimenting with a variety of ingredients to judge their texture, body, and fragrance. My family and friends were impressed with the products I created and began compensating me for my inventions. Much thought goes into my ingredients, because I wanted to know how each ingredient would benefit their hair. I learned the oil from nuts promotes growth and rosemary has a variety of amazing uses to assist our hair along with a wonderful aroma. One conditioner led to one shampoo which led to leave-in treatment which led to a hot oil treatment and so on.


I have met some amazing people on this journey. It’s always the story of how one of my products has helped someone overcome a hurdle which touches me most. Whether it’s restoring her hair after a diagnosis of Lupus or overcoming the embarrassment of dandruff, I put a lot of love, compassion and thought into my products to bring you nothing but the best natural and organic ingredients.


As the CEO of a flourishing hair care company, I take the responsibility of serving my clients with the best natural products to nourish your hair. It is said, our hair is the crowning glory, well here’s to the splendor of our tresses with confidence and beauty.


Thank you so much to everyone who has loved and supported me and my dream.


Tasha Garcia