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Welcome to Pistachio Hair Wonders! The Miracle in a Jar for all Hair Types.

The journey to healthy and beautiful hair starts with natural and organic ingredients and YOU!  The journey continues with your commitment to take the best care of your tresses using Pistachio Hair Wonders. I search for the best ingredients for my customers and their hair from around the world including China, Spain, Africa, Jamaica and Morocco. The constitution of the Pistachio Hair Wonders product line serves a variety of hair types, there’s something for everyone whether your tresses are natural or not, damaged or not.

Pistachio Hair Wonders full line of products are personally handmade. Each element is carefully measured, designed to work together and compliment each other. Whether its natural Jamaican castor oil, shea butter from Africa or cinnamon from China, the chemistry of these characters are amazing and works Wonders, Pistachio Hair Wonders on our hair. Each ingredient is a part of my recipe which serves to alleviate various hair problems and enhance your hair with their unique properties. This is why I have proclaimed Pistachio Hair Wonders as “the miracle in a jar”. My products are packed to perfection and shipped meticulously to serve my customers with nothing but the best. 

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