My Weekly Regimen

My Personal Weekly Regimen for Healthy, Beautiful Hair Using my Pistachio Hair Wonders Product Line

1st. I start with Pistachio Hair Wonders Overnight Intensive Treatment Stick, once or twice a month. I put it on my edges, atop blonde parts and leave on overnight. (ALWAYS apply to parts of hair which are most damaged)

2nd. The next day, I apply Pistachio Hair Wonders Hot Oil Blend on my edges, blonde parts and especially on my ends, not washing my hair. Remember, I still have the Overnight Intensive Treatment  hair, from the night before. These are the sections in my hair, which need the most treatment, due to bleaching. Leave it one for 5-30 minutes under the Hair Steamer. Always apply to parts of hair that are most damaged.

NOTE: If I don't use the Pistachio Hair Wonders Overnight Intensive Treatment Stick, I use the Pistachio Hair Wonders Hot Oil Blend before I shampoo my hair for added moisture.

3rd. I wash my hair twice with Pistachio Hair Wonders Shampoo, the ingredients are so gentle on my hair and scalp. 

4th. I use the Pistachio Hair Wonders Deep Conditioner, leave on for 30 minutes under my steamer, let cool, rinse off and I detangle my hair with the paddle brush.

NOTE: If I don't have a steamer, you can use a heating cap or the dryer to dry your rollers. Or you may keep it simple by using a plastic shower cap. I also let my customers know you can put aluminum foil and then the plastic cap.

5th. I dry my hair with a towel, but not all the way, and then apply Pistachio Hair Scalp Beverageits properties helps protect my scalp.

6th. I dry my hair with a towel, but not all the way, and then apply Pistachio Hair Wonders Wonder Mist, its properties helps protect my hair and restore its natural sheen. I continue by rolling my hair and going under the bonnet hair dryer.

7th. After taking out the rollers, I “doobie” my hair and put my Head Scarf on. Wearing the Head Scarf over my “doobie” promotes shine, leaves my hair silky and my style lasts so much longer.

Note: While I am cleaning or running errands, I may use my Doobie Cap

8th. Finally, I use the Pistachio Hair Wonders Finishing Serum (if needed) and style. No heat necessary. I only use heat (such as blower or flatiron) when I’m attending an event in order to stand up to extreme heat of the lights, camera and action, lol.

It takes time to manage and maintain healthy, beautiful hair and when you see the results, you’ll make the time, again and again.